Get Your Private Event Started in New Orleans Today!

Get Your Private Event Started in New Orleans Today!

Get Your Private Event Started in New Orleans Today!


With summer just around the corner, there’s bound to be a plethora of private events as well as parties decorating the calendar. Have you been thinking about doing one yourself? Are you near the New Orleans area? Then you’re in luck because you have the possibility of reserving your private event at the Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans! If you are looking to host a private event in the city of New Orleans, then don’t waste time or hesitate to contact the beautiful as well as versatile Metropolitan Nightclub! The Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans has been known for exceeding standards of their customers in order to provide you with outstanding accommodations as well as top quality entertainment. Their incredibly versatile venue allows for more space, VIP accommodations, a balcony, and an extended entertainment stage for music, performances and more! In addition to being a venue for events of all kinds like a private event, the Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans is a popular nightclub for locals and tourists alike, with different specials and events throughout the week, so you can be sure that making a reservation will be a sitch!. From a private event, weddings, and receptions to celebrations of any sort, the Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans will certainly not disappoint for your private event!

Private Events at the Metropolitan

The Metropolitan Nightclub is seriously dedicated to providing you with the venue, staff, and supplies necessary to make your private event unforgettable for you and your guests! The Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans provides you with a total of three spacious rooms that can be rented either separately or as a whole for large parties and receptions. The Metropolitan Nightclub is happy to accommodate groups of all sizes, so you don’t have to stress about it. The three primary spaces found inside the Metropolitan Nightclub are The Main Room, The Middle Room and The Big Room. Complete with seven outstanding service bars as well as three full sets of bathrooms for your guests, the facility is ideal for private parties, charity balls, weddings, and receptions of all sizes! So no matter how large or small, you can be sure that the Metropolitan provides a stunning New Orleans atmosphere for any private event.


Preparing for Your Private Event

The Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans is an open catering facility, meaning you can bring in whichever caterer you choose to have at your private event! If you are undecided, no problem! The Metropolitan Nightclub provides turnkey packages for all events, regardless of the event’s size. Every package available includes tax and tip, and comes fully staffed inclusive of management, security, bartenders, bar backs, floor persons (porters), and sound technician. All you have to do is relay that information to our sales associate. The Metropolitan Nightclub is complete with the latest top-quality audio and video technology throughout the entire facility. Every event is staffed with one of our professional house technicians that will ensure that you have the chance to take full advantage of the capabilities, facilities, and features offered by The Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans. No matter what tunes you’re into, The Metropolitan Nightclub can provide music as well as lighting for any type of event that will dazzle both you and your guests!


Getting the Experience

One of the things that makes The Metropolitan Nightclub in new Orleans so unique is its ability to transform and accommodate. Being a redesigned warehouse, the Metropolitan Nightclub is the perfect size for up-close performances, yet big enough for a spacious atmosphere at your private event. The Metropolitan Nightclub is versatile in that it can be transformed into a nightclub, concert hall, or any other nightlife entertainment venue you can think of! The nightclub has several room layouts for you to choose from, with available VIP room. So if you are searching for a venue for a private event, simply call or visit The Metropolitan Nightclub’s website in New Orleans for more information on how to book your event today!

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